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Professional Learning Day - Monday 13th November

Mere Berryman

It's always so good to get our schools together, to learn, to challenge our thinking, to plan for the future and to be inspired. Two thought provoking keynote speakers, followed by 10 engaging workshops... and the sun is shining! What a day!

Nina Hood

A special thank you to Mere Berryman and Nina Hood for sharing their insight, a massive thank you to Te Papapa School for hosting and feeding us, as well as gratitude to all of our amazing workshop facilitators.

We will send presentation slides through to Principals later in the week.

In a shifting landscape - What will stay the same?

A Scaffolded Approach to Supporting Story Retell

Improving the teaching of writing across your school

Mental Health Education - What's happening in your space?

Learning for Sustainability (Auckland Council)

Structured Literacy My Way

Maungakiekie Songbird

Histories through Drama

The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Māoritanga – Māoridom

In a shifting landscape - What will stay the same?

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