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Whaia te iti kahurangi me tuohu koe me he maunga teitei

Pursue excellence, should you stumble let it be to a lofty mountain
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Te Iti Kahurangi Kāhui Ako is responsible for the education of approximately 4,850 students. The ten participating schools across the community have collaborated collegially for many years as the Maungakiekie Principals’ Cluster with regular and varied leadership meetings, professional development forums and social gatherings.


The schools are located in close proximity, sitting between Te Pane o Mataoho and Maungakiekie mountains and separated at one point by the Manukau harbour. The tohu (logo) is designed to signify the two mountains with the water between. It is the intention of the Kāhui Ako to ensure the water or contrasts between the schools is seen as a positive and enriching aspect of our collaborative community and the mountains signify the strengths and experiences that bind us.

The Kāhui Ako schools have significant strengths, and collaboration will enable them to build on each other's areas of expertise, for the benefit of students.


Common strengths include:

·    culturally diverse communities, close connections and consultation

·    effective use of achievement information to promote student progress and achievement

·    students’ involvement in their learning, including goal setting, and self-assessment

·    growing teacher capability through planned and targeted professional learning and development

·    culturally responsive, inclusive curricula that respond to students’ interests and the community through authentic contexts for learning

·    effective governance/stewardship that supports school improvement

·    collaborative models of distributed leadership, that grow capability. (ERO, July 2017)

Te Iti Kahurangi Kāhui Ako Achievement Challenges 2016 – 2020
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Te Iti Kahurangi Kāhui Ako Key Drivers
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